Inaka Isha

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Type: Movie

Plot Summary:

A hapless country doctor describes with breathless urgency a night-time summons to attend a young patient. Events soon take on a surreal aspect as "unearthly horses" transport him instantaneously to the bedside. The doctor, preoccupied with personal distractions and grievances against those he is employed to care for, fails to find what is revealed to be a vile, fatal wound. He is humiliated by the villagers, who are "always expecting the impossible from the doctor," and doomed to an endless return trip, losing everything.

Genre: Avant Garde, Drama, Historical, Psychological

Released: 2007

Status: Completed

Other name: Franz Kafka's A Country Doctor, カフカ 田舎医者, Kafka Inaka Isha, Ein Landarzt

Inaka Isha