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Type: Spring 2023 Anime

Plot Summary:

In what hue does the world you inhabit reside? For a decade now, "Perception Art" has been making waves in the world of art. This movement has taken hold throughout society, becoming a vibrant part of people's daily lives. Kazuya Yamanashi, the son of famous "artists" Mr. and Mrs. Yamanashi - the creators of Perception Art, has recently enrolled in the esteemed Eisen High School. He attends with his childhood friend, Jun Tsuzuki, with a dream of one day becoming a Perception Artist himself. However, Kazuya has another motive beyond just pursuing his passion. He hopes to rekindle a lost friendship with "another childhood friend" who distanced themselves from their group of friends after "an incident" ten years prior... Kyou Takise, a junior grader at Eisen High School and a major in Perception Art, is the son of a well-known "grader" and the creator of Perception Art. He also used to be friends with Kazuya and Jun, but he has elected to avoid them for years due to the emotional scars on his heart. As the various "colors" of these individuals collide and overlap, it begs the question: what "color" defines the scene that unfolds before their eyes?

Genre: School, Sci-Fi, Visual Arts

Released: 2023

Status: Completed

Other name: Opus.COLORs (オーパスカラーズ) Opus.COLORs 色彩高校星 โอปัส.คัลเลอร์ส